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About Us Marmalade Hills LLC was born in a quest for effective, natural, and safe body care products for every person. We are a rapidly growing, Michigan-based, artisanal skin care company. We deeply believe that you do not need a science degree to be able to read and understand your skin care ingredients. We offer no-nonsense, natural solutions for supple, radiant and nourished skin. Our products are passionately formulated with the best, most decadent ingredients nature has to offer. We create our products from scratch in small batches to assure their freshness and one of a kind appeal. We depend on our uncompromising quality products and happy customers. We strongly believe in outstanding customer service and corporate transparency. At Marmalade Hills what you see, is what you get - passionate, real, honest and reliable products. We would like to invite you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, our Blog, or Newsletter. We hope to see you there and to share our "the good the bad and the ugly!" At Marmalade Hills we also believe in making a difference one person, one company at a time. As a manufacturer we are determined to utilize only nature-friendly ingredients, product packaging, shipping and office materials. We practice and promote recycling and re-purposing of materials in every shape and form possible in our office, studio and at home with our kids. About Our Products We are proud to offer our customers high quality olive oil soaps and skin care products. Everything about our products from names to ingredients is inspired by nature. Marmalade Hills products range from everyday basics to Spa experience in your own bath tub, but no matter which product you will chose it will pamper, moisturize and nurture your body and soothe your soul. Our products are crafted with wholesome, natural and naturally derived ingredients. None of Marmalade Hills products are tested on animals and 75% of all Marmalade Hills products are vegan. The other 25% percent are made with some nutritious animal products like goat milk, beeswax and real silk fibers. We are always in continuous search for the best, most effective and lush ingredients. Our products always have complex formulas with multiple nourishing materials that will give you an ultimate result in perfect combination with one another. Most importantly our products are Paraben, silicone, petroleum, sulfates, and dye free. Our Philosophy and Labor Criteria At Marmalade Hills we believe in improving, contributing and empowering healthy, eco-conscious life styles by participating in annual and spontaneous neighborhood cleanups, participating in local green fairs, speaking engagements at local schools, and by donating time and resources to green projects in our area. Here is one of our new projects that has a special place in our heart: Conant Elementary and Bloomin Kids School Garden In order to ensure fair trade we source our exotic ingredients like shea and cocoa butter from Women Cooperatives in Ghana that support local communities and provide them with sustainable income for a product that everybody can be proud of. When choosing our suppliers we strictly adhere to standard rules and regulations as well as our own "inner common sense." We always inquire our main supplier about minimum wages, working conditions and worker´s voice. In addition, we make our own judgement based on customer service and openness of the employees, as we believe that happy employees is a main attribute of a socially responsible business. Our Packaging Our products are packaged in recyclable PET and aluminum containers, both widely accepted and most efficient materials for recycling. We use corn based, completely biodegradable labels and biodegradable shipping supplies. Preservatives and Fragrance Oils A small fraction of our ingredients are not naturally derived. These particular ingredients are reserved for our lotions where water is a base ingredient1, and for the denoted products with cosmetic grade fragrance oils2. 1 Any product that contains water is at risk of infection by bacteria, fungi, mold, and yeast. Many natural substances like Tea-Tree Oil can be helpful with some strains of bacteria. But most "natural preservatives" cannot be used in strong enough concentrations to fight contamination without running the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. However, some "natural preservatives" like Vitamin E, Rosemary Oleoresin, or Grapefruit extract are effective in protecting soaps and all oil-based products. Our preservative system for water-based products is stable and Paraben-Free and protects our product from broad spectrum of bacteria and it is safe for people around the world. You may be confident that after a month of having your bottle of lotion in your steamy bathroom you will not be rubbing fungi or bacteria into your skin. 2 By creating some products with the use of cosmetic grade Fragrance Oils (FO) we simply give our customers an opportunity to have a wider selection of their favorite scents. In our FO scented products we use less than 2% of fragrance oils, which are all cosmetic grade oils and can be safely used on skin. While it is more beneficial to use Essential Oil scented product we realize that many people have no adverse reactions to Fragrance Oils and their interests must be presented in our product line as well. For those who would like to use truly natural products we strongly recommend to substitute lotions with hard lotions, body oils, or body butters and use only Essential Oil scented products. Why Natural Products First and foremost for your own health. Our skin is not made from steel. It is an organ (and the largest one at that) and it is highly permeable. Skin absorbs up to 60% of the chemicals in cosmetic products directly into the bloodstream (same principle is used in smoking cessation patch). We respect science and truly enjoy many benefits of human progress, but we believe that it is absolutely unnecessary to subject your health system to chemicals during simple day-to-day routine like moisturizing or cleansing. It is true that some chemicals do have a controversial background, but we choose to shy away from those “shady” ingredients completely and not compromise our customers' and our own health until further, more thorough research proves them to be completely safe. There are other, simple reasons to use natural skin care products. Your skin is like a living and breathing organism designed to protect and detoxify your body by continuously expelling toxins from your body through its pores. However, many chemically produced ingredients sit on the skin's surface not allowing the skin to breathe properly, which results in inflammation and pimples. That is why so many times we find ourselves locked in the vicious circle by using a wrong product, which we think, is supposed to help but instead causes more problems. During this process your skin fights hard to recoup from the harsh elements and this fight ages your skin and makes it look tired and distressed. Natural oils, on other hand, closely resemble our sebum. They create a natural moisture barrier and nourish your skin without blocking your pores. Natural products are gentle and nourishing. They do not cause eczema or skin irritation, do not strip down essential elements, and do not draw moisture from your skin. They work in unison with your skin by helping it and not by interfering with it. Natural components are a real gift of nature, which will reward you with a healthy and radiant skin. And the last, but not least, reason is your contribution to a cleaner, greener and healthier planet for many generations to come.