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Sea Kelp Detox Facial Masque Clay facial masques and body treatments are widely used in spas all over the world. We love them especially for their ability to detoxify, tone and deep cleanse our skin. Sea Kelp Detox clay masque is formulated to soften, deep cleanse and help to control excess sebum production. Innovative powdered form of our masques allows us to not add any harsh preservatives and provides you with the freshest, most nurturing facial treatment on the current market. All-natural ingredients in their raw form are full of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and essential acids. Exotic clays are designed by nature to remove toxins, impurities and excess sebum that clogs your pores and causes problems. Fight back with Moroccan lava (rahassoul) clay that has the most impressive properties in skin improvement, as well as mighty powerful bentonite and French green clays. They will help to deep cleanse, exfoliate, improve your skin clarity, elasticity, reduce dryness and flakiness. We blend our clays with organic North Atlantic sea kelp powder which contains rare essential fatty acids that are necessary for flexible, soft and supple skin; carbohydrates that stimulate skin's ability to heal; Vitamin A - powerful antioxidant; proteins and amino acids which are the building blocks of cells, and act as skin conditioners. How to use it: Once a week combine 1 tsp.-1.5 tsp. of mask powder with 1 tsp. of warm water. Blend together to form a paste, adjust thickness to your liking. Apply over your face and neck avoiding eye area, allow to dry and rinse with warm water after 10-15 min. Ingredients:
 French Green Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Bentonite Clay, Sea Kelp Powder, Oatmeal Powder
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